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Dr. Henry Chen Dr. Henry Chen
Dr. Henry Chen, graduated from the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and specializes in Rehabilitation and Spo[Read More]
Dr. Abraham Zhang Dr. Abraham Zhang
Research and Development Director Abraham Zhang obtained his MD from the prestigious Tong Ji University in Wu Han and PhD from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University [Read More]
Dr.Zhao Dr.Zhao
Internal Medicine Occupational Physician Learning Experience : 1978-1982:Benxi Iron and Steel Institute:Clinical Medicine (undergraduate) 1988:Studied de[Read More]
Dr.Ethan Ji Dr.Ethan Ji
Clinical Psychologist Ethan Ji is a certated hypnotherapist who has been helping clients with a wide range of difficulties using psychodynamic and hypnotic psych[Read More]
Dr. Zhu Dr. Zhu
During Dr. Zhu’s more than 25 years of unique experience in rehabilitation medicine, he is very famous in treating stroke rehabilitation, as well as is capable[Read More]
Dr.Sharon Cheng Dr.Sharon Cheng
Dr Sharon Cheng graduated with a Bachelor degree in Chiropractic Science and a Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University Sydney , Australia. She believes[Read More]
Dr.Andrew Adler Dr.Andrew Adler
Chief Clinical Psychologist Andrew Adler, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in New York State (US) and has specialized in evaluating and treating a wide range of [Read More]
Dr. Vivian Zhang Dr. Vivian Zhang
China , Senior Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert She has engaged in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) research after graduating from Shanghai University of C[Read More]
Dr.Andrew May Dr.Andrew May
Dr. Andrew May was born in Sydney, Australia. He was first exposed to chiropractic care at a young age through his manysports related injuries. Dr Andrew was ins[Read More]
Prof. Somsak kuptniratsaikul Prof. Somsak kuptniratsaikul
Prof. Somsak kuptniratsaikul is an excellent shoulder and joint surgeon, specializing at shoulder, knee, hip and small joints arthroscopy and surgical reconstruc[Read More]
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