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White Collar Syndrome

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China is in a stage of rapid development of GDP, white-collar occupational problems getting highlighted. Overtime late at night, drinking entertainment, meals irregular ...... such an unhealthy lifestyle, are office workers can not escape. "Abuse." Long time to do a certain action repeatedly, there is no scientific and reasonable working hours and rest, work pressure, which are so threatened the health of white-collar workers, for example, often feel neck pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, anxiety, and so easy.

Allows you to premature aging disease collar 10 years

Mainstream urban sub-health as high as 76%

High incidence of cervical disease
The incidence of cervical disease up to 15% drag dead may lead to paralysis
Died long delay may cause paralysis
Physical decline
White-collar workers has become a high incidence of cervical disease
Ten white-collar workers, nine cervical spondylosis
Incentives for a: long desk, cervical maintain a posture, not always normal physiological activity makes cervical flexion straight, cause cervical many other changes (such as loose, hyperplasia, muscle tension, etc.), thereby stimulating the peripheral nerves or blood vessels, resulting in cervical pain.
Incentive two: sitting, prone errors, incorrect working posture. In particular, work with computers for a long time to maintain a posture, cause cervical discontinuity when the passage of time will cause cervical spine injury, loss of compensatory ability. In particular laptop keyboard and the screen too close, stiff neck, looking down at the screen, it may cause neck muscle injury; eyes carried the machine suitable location, they can cause shoulder and arm muscle strain.
Incentive III: long-term work to maintain a fixed position, can easily lead to spinal strain. Beijing Ditan Hospital in minimally invasive surgery in March 2010 of 64 cases of surgery, there are more than ten cases of passengers, accountants, therefore, long-term work posture single professionals must pay attention to work in addition to the regular activities of activities to do Some favor of the cervical spine, lumbar spine movement, such as swimming.
Incentives IV: special care of air conditioning. Has been no shortage of criticism of the role of air-conditioning, hot summer, long-time low temperature will make your cervical overwhelmed.

More and more white-collar workers are 'mouse hand' distress
Computer over time, it will shake the hand grip of the mouse, and sometimes even the glasses are not hold ...... Recently, Miss Lee to the hospital, the doctor said she was suffering from a "mouse hand", learning called "comprehensive carpal tunnel sign. "

"Mouse hand" even the cups are Nabuqilai
Internet family of repeated typing on the keyboard and move the mouse every day, wrist joint hypermobility, leading to peripheral nerve injury or oppression, resulting in the palm of the sensory and motor disorders occur. Finger frequently force, but also the hand and the related parts of the nerve, muscle fatigue and ischemia, hypoxia, numbness and other symptoms.

"Tension headaches" white collar getting sick Chengdu

"Tension headache" is more common in long-term operation of the computer desk job or who is due to long-term to maintain a posture, resulting in continued tight neck muscles, stimulate the accumulation of acidic metabolites caused by compression of the nerve head. Plus the mental and psychological stress, can lead to persistent head, face, neck, shoulder muscle spasm, or cause vasoconstriction produce referred pain, the proliferation of pain.
"Tension headaches" In addition to headaches, there will be a head heaviness, tightening sensation, causing difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and affect the quality of sleep

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