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Artery Cleansing

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Blood vessels are the pipelines of blood flow and the lifelines of the human body, constantly delivering every kind of nutrient needed by the human body to each organ and to every cell. Blood vessels have their own natural life expectancy, ageing with the passage of time causing hardening of the wall and losing their elasticity.

Furthermore, deposits of hazardous substances on the inner walls can lead to blocking and even rupturing of the blood vessels. Any such blocking or rupturing of blood vessels will affect normal blood flow, causing organs in the human body not to receive a sufficient supply of blood and its nutrients, resulting in an acceleration of the ageing process and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Each course consists of 5 days of therapy. Each day you will receive two hours of treatment. After your course of treatment, the vast majority of patients will experience positive results – the ‘Three Highs’ – blood pressure, blood lipids and blood glucose will normalize. Plaques in blood vessels will reduce by more than 50%. The liver and kidney functions will improve significantly.

After this treatment, angioplasty (ballooning)  will not be necessary for patients that have severe stenosis and therefore eliminating the possible risks and complications associated with angioplasty.

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