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Memory Loss

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If you often forget people's names and phone numbers or important appointments, cannot find your car often in the parking, even putting pen and forget what to say, and suddenly cannot find items dropped just now, then there is obviously something wrong with your memory.
People born with about 10 million nerve cells, and drops 5% in every 10 years as the growth of the age.
What’s the reason for impaired memory?
Disease factors: arterial sclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cervical spondylosis etc, can affect cerebral nervous system function, affect nutrition supply of brain cells, make brain ischemia, hypoxia, brain cells vigor is insufficient, intelligence, memory loss gradually. Especially the person in middle age, if have hypertension, atherosclerosis, they will be high-risk group of senile dementia into old age
Genetic factors: Genetic factors affect people extensively. It can lead to many diseases and physiological anomalies, no exception to memory. This kind of memory loss is not much in life, but it’s often irreversible.
Other factors: Patients with general anesthesia can appear memory loss symptoms in a period of time, light symptoms person do not require treatment, can restore automatically. Nutrition disequilibrium diet and excessive intake of processed foods, junk food, may be some reasons of memory loss and inattention. Hormone imbalance, such as postmenopausal and some gland disease can also cause memory loss. Some food allergies can also affect the brain function. The latest study shows that the long-term use of computer can damage memory.
Forgetfulness isn't hopeless; some effective ways will help you found the lost memory.
· Organic disease causes memory loss should find out the etiology, treating symptomatically, and dispel the primary cause.
· The healthy memory quotient detect proof that if memory disorders appears, under the guidance of doctors, one can take some drugs to improve the cerebral blood flow and to increase the oxygen in brain cells, or take a certain amount of ginkgo biloba extract and vitamin E every day.
· Memory loss, due to excessive tension, depression, usually caused by lacking of 5- serotonin in the brain, adding 5- serotonin helps to improve memory.
·  TCM treatment of acupuncture, massage, Chinese traditional medicine can clear the meridians, regulating circulation, increase the cerebral blood flow, improve metabolism of brain cells.
· Oxygen therapy:  Oxygen uptake can enhance metabolism of human cells, tissues and organs, improve immunity. Daily Oxygen uptake 10 to 20 minutes can relieve sub health state such as tension and moody, to keep energetic energy. Note that in oxygen therapy, one need to cooperate with antioxidant therapy, in order to maintain the body acid-base.
·  Besides drug intervention outside, good habits should also be cultivated: items should be placed on fixed position after use. Eat more fruits, soybean and fish which can enhance memory, eat less fried foods, less cooking with aluminum, etc.
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