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Anti-aging of pelvic organizations for female

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Female’s pelvic organizations (reproductive organs) changes because of the different physiological characteristics in each phase. Besides genetic, nutrition and environmental factors, the most important reasons caused female’s pelvic tissue damage and aging are female fertility, organ damage and gynecological diseases. Performance: repeated pelvic inflammation and vaginitis; frequency or excessive urine increasing; habitual constipation; sexual life decline in the quality, etc.
Childbearing period female may cause pelvic local muscles fracture, thinning, make the vagina become too wide, vaginal contraction reduced due to childbirth time over length, delivery too much or vaginal and perinea damage in delivery.
Menopausal women ovarian function gradually decline, estrogen decline also, the change of mood spirit appears and meanwhile reproductive organs atrophy, more flabby, vaginal elastic reduce or no flexibility.
Shanghai St. Michael Hospital, gynecology and rehabilitation department cooperating, combine gynecological surgery treatment and rehabilitation acupuncture therapy, to treat diseases caused by female pelvic organizations damage and aging and have obvious effect. Welcome counseling and taking treatment.
Therapeutic Schedule
1.     Gynecologist consultation: 2 times
2.     Rehabilitation physician consultation: 2 times
3.     Rehabilitation (muscular training, nerve and muscle electrical stimulation): 10 times
One course of treatment: 6500RMB, Operation repair: 6000 or 8000RMB

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