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The fast development of the modern society and the quick change of our social and economic system sometime let us feel quite at loss. It will easily result in psychological problems. If these problems have not been solved timely, it will lead to emotional instability, or even worse, mental disorders. Psychological counseling is an effective way to cope with these problems

Clinical & Counselling Psychologists specialize in the understanding of mental functioning in the individual by offering professional counselling with underlying methodology from over a 100 years in insight. Psychologists use methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis and many other techniques for understanding the mind of a patient and helping them to readjust to their personal and professional problems.

In addition to this Clinical work includes neurological testing for victims of stroke and other brain damage to access memory loss and physiological damage to mental functioning. Psychometrics may be applied for Stress testing, IQ / EQ levels and other measurements of intelligence.

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