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Package for Enhancing Immunity

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1. Check Up

1)T lymphocyte subsets(CD3、CD4、CD8、CD4/C )
2)Growth Hormone
3)Routine Blood
2. Therapeutic Schedule

1)Drugs injection: two times a week, 4 weeks for a course.
2)TCM Treatment: acupuncture twice a week, or auricular point once a week.
3)Sports exercises
4)Promoting sleep: acupuncture, auricular point, diet, sports
With the development of society, working pressure increases and there is fierce competition in different industries, sub-health state proportion of the population are sharply increasing. Sub-health state is a margin status between health and disease, especially more prominent in management cadres, entrepreneurs, scientific and technical workers, lawyers and doctors.
Healthy people’s immune function refers to a comprehensive abilities that airframe resists pathogenic microorganisms’s invading outside, eradicate pathogens and toxins, maintain biological balance in vivo surroundings, identify and eliminate senescent cells and variation cells, prevent cells from cancerous. So, it comes to health when the body's immune function in normal. Conversely, when the immune function is declining and turbulent, pathogenic factors will invade and gathered, reproduce, eventually leading to the body’s senescence and various of the disease. There has an important significance to increase the body's immune function to improve the health level of the population.                         
We use drugs of increasing immune function and TCM treatment to stimulate the body produces more immune cells, immune factors, to maintain the body organs and tissues operating normally, regulate body nutrition supply and waste discharge, scavenge harmful substances and toxins timely, keep the body healthy and energetic.
Price: 11,500RMB

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