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Identification and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

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Identification and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are usually problems related to sleep patterns and are common. These disorders often interfere with every day functioning (e.g., being an employee, parent, or student) and may include difficulties falling or staying asleep, falling asleep at inappropriate times (e.g., napping during the day), sleeping too long, or unusual behaviors associated with sleep. These disorders are usually the result of underlying medical problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, or other psychological difficulties. The symptoms usually are related to sleeping, including:

If the sleep disorder is not too serious…

·Go to bed as close as possible to the actual sleep time.   

·Go to bed only when sleepy, not just feeling tired.

·If unable to sleep (e.g., falling asleep within 20 min), get out of bed and go to another room. Return to bed only when sleepy.

·Use the bed and bedroom for sleep only; Avoid eating, watching television or movies, or listening to music in bed.

·Develop and maintain a regular sleep schedule with a strict time for getting out of bed each morning, regardless of the amount of sleep the night before.

·Avoid daytime napping.

If the sleep disorder is more serious…

·Arrange for a medical consultation to consider the possibility that a medical problem is the main cause for the disorder.

·If the disorder is not solely the result of a medical problem, consider the possibility of a consultation with a psychologist or a similar healthcare professional. There are many different types of psychotherapy that may be used to treat sleep disorders. Many therapeutic approaches focus on changing behaviors, setting and achieving goals, becoming more self-aware, learning relaxation skills, and taking control of one’s own life situation. After establishing the causes of the disorder, the therapists can teach various skills to change unwanted sleep patterns.


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